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What does ScienceLauncher Membership brings you?

1) Members can purchase e-Books at our elibrary: HUNDREDS of useful e-Books, for scientists, each for only $0.99-1.5 (less than a quarter-price!). Purchases of the e-Books are made through PayPal. Non-member purchases will not be processed.

2) Members can ask questions at our "Ask The Scientists" Hub: Professors and PhD students from all over the world (USA, Germany, Sweden, England, Russia, Turkey) will answer members' questions to the extent of what is known to humanity at the moment (limitation: 1 question per week per member).

3) Weekly newsletter containing the week's picked scientific articles and latest news in various scientific fields.

4) Discount (5%) for services provided at

5) Access to the JPEG format of the collections in the PHOTOS section.

Privacy notice: ScienceLauncher is a foundation dedicated to the promotion of science. No private information is shared, disseminated or stored in any public accessible form.


If you would like to be an author at ScienceLauncher, please do not hesitate to contact us at Contracts such as "pay per article" and "pay per project" can be arranged.




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