Microscope Masters Contest


What is it?

Scientists from all over the world are invited to submit their best 3 photos related to Biology. The number of contest participants is limited to 100.


What are the awards?

Best 5 photos will be picked and awards will be given in the following manner:

1st place: 250$
2nd place: 150$
3rd place: 100$
4th place: 50$
5th place: 25$

How to participate?

Registration fee for the contest is 20USD. Those who register before 25/Mar/2006 will be given 25% discount for the registration and the fee will be 15 USD. Participants should verify their authorship of the photos either by providing a publication or submitting both graphic format files (JPEG, BMP, GIF) and files with microscope imaging software extension (e.g. Zeiss files are .ZWI). A completed registration form and 3 photos should be submitted by e-mail to scientist1@sciencelauncher.com.

How to register?

Registration fees can be paid by using credit cards:

Please, provide correct e-mail address and name as it will appear on the publication (if applicable).

Awards will be sent to the winners via preferred method as stated in the registration form.

All participants will receive a CD with all the photos that were submitted during the contest.








Good Luck!



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